Thursday, December 30, 2010

the help (august 2010)

Eleven of us hauled up to Lee Cottage. Everyone without the last name of Lefevere (or riding with someone whose last name is Lefevere) got lost. You’d think, being an editor ‘n all, I’d know to proofread. Sorry ‘bout that. Anyway, we made it. And Erin showed up with two cheeseballs. 
Jeni wowed MCF8 (anyone get it?) with her ability to eat an industrial-sized bag of sour patch kids en route. 
Friday night was hilarious and fun. Loran turned in first at 11:30, shortly followed by Kat/Kitty/Katie. Cris turned the lights out on Alissa at 4:48AM, only after a riveting, franzia-fueled discussion of manscaping & gay rights. Erin (she’s #1) found that the upstairs couch is way more hospitable than the only-looks-comfy chair/ottoman. 

Saturday we slept until 10:00. The weather was crap, so Jeni lead us in a round of What The F*ck. (scrotum chin. $5000. Cantaloupe. Ten Laps.) 
Loran did a step routine. 

Then we had super-yummy lunch, and talked about The Help. 

We tubed. Val had troll-head.
 Melissa had the best posture. 
Alissa is a screamer.
This looks like some sort of choreography. Alissa's about to bust out The Sprinkler and Katie's reaching for the top shelf in the middle of The Shopping Cart.

We dropped anchor. We noodled. 

We peed in the lake. Katie stayed. Val lost a flip flop. Loran inadvertently showed Alissa and me her well-manicured lady parts. We made dinner. We talked. We never watched the movie. 

In summary: nobody threw up, and only 3 people started their period (though Cris is still hoping for cosmic crotch). 

A few notable discoveries: 

  • Jeni is the cutest sleeper on the face of the planet
  • Loran shops at Baby Gap
  • Erin sees no point in starting what you’re not going to finish
Looking ahead:
September 20: The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. Dayna will lead. We'll meet at the Brew Pub. 

October 18: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet by Jamie Ford. Val hosts. She’ll announce the location in Sept. 

November 15: Alissa is still narrowing down her book choice. She’ll announce in September. 

December 6 or thereabouts – holiday extravaganza. 

January – Jill is hosting. She MIGHT choose The Book Thief, or she might not. 

February – Jeni picked The History Of Love by Mrs. Foer.

March – Loran will announce her pick in December 

April – Cris will announce her pick in January. 

And then we start over again. 

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