Thursday, December 30, 2010

never let me go (May 2010)

Hi, Lovelies, 
ECM just reminded me that I failed to send out notes. Righty-o. Here they are:

We met at Bazbeaux and had THE SLOWEST service in the history of the world (except Rock Bottom. That was worse.). But pizza is always good and Bazbeaux is decidedly de-lish, so we'll go back. I'm sure of it.

We discussed Jeni's pick: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguru. We loved it and hated it, and what I liked best was that we all had such different experiences with it. Velly velly intellesting. 


June 21 - We're meeting at Napolese (which is OMG the Patachou pizza place! how did I not know this? here's the menu: to discuss The Shadow of the Wind. Speedway Hot will lead the discussion. 

July 26 - Esther Williams, AKA Madame Feltman has assigned When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. She'll announce the location at the June meeting. 

August 21-23 -- Bunkbed Adventure! I added an RSVP discussion to the group page. Please state your intentions BEFORE the July meeting (at at least your tentative intentions). Everyone attending should stay for 20 minutes after so we can discuss the particulars. My book choice is The Help UNLESS YOUR NAME IS JENI JESSEN, in which case your assignment is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling. OMG I just realized this is the month of my birth. 

September 20 -- Dayna will host. She'll announce her pick at the June meeting. 

October 18 -- though it's not the month of her birth, Val will host. The book is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet

November 15 -- Alissa will host. She'll announce her selection Bunkbed Adventure weekend or thereabouts.

December -- Holiday Party. Tentatively scheduled for December 6th or sometime the weekend that precedes it. Discussion forthcoming. 

Loran, Cris, Jeni and Jill -- you've only hosted once and aren't scheduled for a second one yet, so you're on tap for January, February, March and April (order tbd in a month or so. let's say September we'll work this out.). Then we start over -- again -- yay!

Have nice weekends, everyone. 

Yours most sincerely, I am, 

[two points to the first person to correctly identify the source of that sendoff]

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