Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What This River Keeps [March 2010]

Well, that was fun - wasn't it? A friend emailed me this AM asking me how it went, and here's how I responded. 

BBC with the author can be effectively summarized by this famous movie line: 

This has been Bridget Jones for "Sit Up, Britain"... with, let's face it, a bit of a crush now, actually. 

Erin and I remarked this morning how nervy Greg was, to step into a room of 10 females (including at least 4 or 5 A-types). I dunno. Can you imagine attending your husband/boyfriend's book club as the guest author? Me, either. 


Here's what we decided about stuff upcoming (I went ahead and assigned dates through August). 

* April 19, 6:30PM, The Usual Suspects. We're reading Shiver by Maggie S...something. Erin is leading. 

* May 24, 6:30PM, location TBD. We're reading Never Let Me Go. Jeni is hosting. She'll announce (via Loran) the location when we meet in April. 

* June 21, 6:30PM, location TBD. We're reading The Shadow of the Wind. Melissa, who is way hotter than "Speedway hot," is hosting. 

* July 26, 6:30PM, location TBD. Katie is hosting, and it'll either be something David Sedaris or something else I can't remember. Not Margaret Atwood sci-fi, thank you. 

* August 20-22/3. Bunkbed adventure. Reading The Help. Lindsay is hosting at Lee Cottage. Alissa will bring sonar equipment. 

That's the story. 

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