Thursday, December 30, 2010

the shadow of the wind (june 2010)

I wasn't there, and neither were a half-dozen other of you. The half-dozen who DID show up report that the restaurant and the discussion were both good. Gold stars to all of you! 

Here's the author. 
Moving on. 

July 26 - We'll meet at The Aristocrat for Mary Katherine's' leadership and a discussion of When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. Will someone please remind me to enact Fluid Restriction starting...oh...Saturday, lest I giggle myself into a fit of incontinence during the discussion. That's always embarrassing. 6:30PM.

August 21-23 -- Bunkbed Adventure! Please RSVP by the July meeting. Those who are able to attend for all or part of the weekend should stay for 20 minutes after so we can plan. My book choice is The Help. Entertainment: Jeni will give us a 1-minute oral book report on HP1. 

September 20 -- Dayna will host. She may or may not have announced the selection at the June meeting. For all I know, it could be The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass. We shall see. 

October 18 -- Miss December has selected Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet

November 15 -- Alissa will host. She'll announce her selection bunkbed weekend via underwater morris code requiring sonar equipment and a cipher. 

December -- Festivus! December 6th or sometime the weekend that precedes it.

January -- Country Gal hosts. 

February -- I smell YA Fiction with Loran aka Imma Be hosting. 

March and April -- Cris and Jeni, you two decide who wants which month and reveal the plan in July. m'kay? 

Then we start over -- again -- yay!

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