Monday, August 1, 2011

Badass Holiday Party 2010

news & notes from the holiday party

the weather outside was frightful, and cris' penguin turtleneck was delightful. 

[you would not believe the lack of results when you image search "penguin turtleneck."  So we'll just use this one and pretend.]

So were the sweet brown weenies. 

we gathered, we ate, we laughed, we exchanged. 

there was _much_ weather-related drama. 

  • Alissa turned around (with TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE reason). 
  • Dayna was scared. Katie had a rescue mission. 
  • Stephanie (who came!) was an hour late, and not because of the weather. 
  • Jill was in a single-person accident, and she showed up anyway. 
  • We didn't do awards.
  • I forgot to put on makeup (why didn't anyone say anything? seriously...if i'm ever in a social situation again without under eye concealer, trust me: it is NOT on purpose.) 

my favorite quote of the night: "Speedway Hot even looks good in shoulder pads. kill me."  It's true. She does. 

in short, it was a success (with the exception of Alissa's absence.) 

Up next: 
* January 10 is The Saumensch, Jill's pick. Jill will send out a reminder later this week and will reveal the location at that time. (or maybe you revealed it and I forget. either way...)
* February 7 is The History of Love, Jeni's pick. she'll announce the location when we meet Monday. 
* March 7 is The Sparrow, picked by Loran. 
* April 11 is Cris's turn to host. 
* May 9 -- erin. 

Special note: bring your summer calendars to the Jan meeting so we can talk about bunkbed adventure 2011. I'm thinking late June sounds good. After Jeni's and Loran's weddings. Maybe the weekend of the 25th. Check your schedules and let's chat about it Monday.

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