Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Breast and Worst of "Room"

All but one of us (hope you're feeling better Erin - and if you're not by now maybe you should go to the hospital, just sayin) met on July 18th for book club at The Flatwater Restaurant. Great food. Could use more fans.

We read Room by Emma Donoghue.
General consensus?

Things we were in agreeance about:

1. That long periods with no sunlight can do wonders for your face

2. Ma raised Jack right by keeping him in the dark (literally & figuratively) about the outside world during his early years

3. Breastfeeding in public is questionable at best (and a complete "NONO" by Dana)

When Loran went on a bathroom break Lindsay let us in on a game to play to celebrate (not because we were excited, mind you) of Loran's departure to KC so her hubbie can get a degree in McDreamy-ness. We filled out a survey on which BBC books Loran read all of, part of, not at all or the abridged version. We quickly threw out the abridged version as a choice because no one seemed to know what it meant. There was much banter on whether Loran was telling the truth, but when it was all said and done Val was the winner (coincidentally she sat next to Loran as she filled out her survey, hmm). Skittles for everyone!

Next we meet at Napolese on August 8th for some yummy pizza and to discuss Katie's selection "The Handmaid's Tale." Should be a bangin good time - if you know what I mean....

September is Jill's selection during Bunkbed Adventure (due to not paying attention during the "business" portion of our meeting all I remember is the book has to do with farms, food & it's funny). See Jill for more details.



  1. Hilar, Mel.
    B.T.W. Loran had are hand cupped over all her answers (middle school style) so even though I tried to peep, she wouldn't allow it! Swear!


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