Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Butter Me Up

7 of us convened at Napolese to discuss Madge's dystopian work of art.
The Flatwater Grill was hot as h-e-double L last month, and Napolese was crowded and loud as all get-out this month. 0 for 2. Napolese was also a tad on the warm side as Val promptly applied a motherly hand to Jeni's forehead for a temp check upon entering the restaurant. In any case we soldiered on like good handmaids and the pizza and salads were enjoyed by all. First we discussed some business even though no one with a maiden name of "Sandman" was present in person or via Skype.

One of the business items was a request that we plan and identify books at least 3 months out. Cris's library is the uber-competitive Carmel branch which requires more than 30 days to actually get the book, some of us are slow readers, and some folks are just OCD.

For inquiring minds the current lineup is:
- Jill's September's pick - Farm City by Novella Carpenter
- Val under pressure chose Devil in the White City for October.
- We are waiting with baited breath for Steph's November pick.
- December is the Holiday Extravaganza.
- It was also requested by ECM that we plan possibly through January and February during Bunkbed Weekend.

We also unofficially discussed some other business (rush parties and bids, anyone?) that I won't mention here and suggest we resume discussion on at Bunkbed Adventure. We then talked about some other stuff that's not fit for print in any forum, and can again be continued at BBA. Speaking of BBA, ladies it is upon us! Get your Franzia and favorite pashmina/head wrap ready and go check the Facebook page for RSVP, carpooling and addy info.

Ok so on to the actual book. Things we agreed upon:
1. Everyone at least liked the book. Many of loved it. Erin has a friend who even stockpiles spare copies. You know. Just in case.
2. We were all expecting Offred to put the butter someplace other than her face.
3. The whole butter discussion prompted me to realize that I spent numerous hours in my professor's office discussing what was actually quite a sexual book but not realizing it at the time. Said professor is now divorced and I was encouraged to go find my own Mr. Schwipps :)
4. Val had some crazy-arse audio book version that took some, uh, liberties with the plot including cocaine use and phone calls that never happened.

In general the discussion was good even though we all had to shout to be heard.

Last but not least several congratulations and notable upcoming events are in order. First congratulations to Speedway Hot on the latest BABC bebe news, and Alissa, too!

Remember ladies - the bar has been set high by Val. She had her 3rd child and was at bookclub 2 days later or something. Dayna has magical skills for lulling babies to sleep during bookclub despite all of our chatter :)

Cris's 30th birthday along with the moving of her bohunk to Indy is right around the corner. Check Facebook for a party invite. Jill also has a new bohunk. And the CHICKENS are doing good!

Also potential upcoming field trips in addition to BBA:
1. Chicken field trip. I want to see them!
2. BABC movie night to see The Help?

May Day, all.


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