Monday, August 1, 2011

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (October 2010)

News & Notes from Oct 2010

Show of hands: who's been back to Canal Bistro? I think Jeff and I are going tomorrow. Seriously - best restaurant award goes to Val. De.lish.

We met, we made ridiculously inappropriate noises about the food. We had horrible breath for days. 

<a href="" title="Candlelite Chicago Pizza restaurant | Garlic Feta Cheese Fries by Candlelite Chicago, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Candlelite Chicago Pizza restaurant | Garlic Feta Cheese Fries"></a>

We talked about Henry and Keiko. (but we didn't talk about how his "i am chinese" name is "henry" and her name "I am american" name is "keiko". ironic much?)

Looking ahead. 

Nov 15. Alissa will lead the Plainsong discussion. For maximum everyday suspense (JUST LIKE THE BOOK!), Alissa will reveal the location when she sends the reminder. 

The holiday extravaganza is Sunday 12-12 at Chez Lefevere at 4PM. it's a pitch-in. We'll do the book exchange like last year. And the awards! 

Don't forget to send me your nominations for the 2010 BBC Awards THREE nominations thus far: 
* perfect attendance
* best tubing posture
* cutest sleeper

Nominations are due Dec 4. 

Looking ahead, do you prefer the 2nd Monday of the month or the 4th Monday of the month? I typically can't do the third M of the month. 

January 10 or 24: Jill has selected The Book Thief. 
February 7 or 21: Jeni has selected The History Of Love. 
March 7 or 21: Loran will announce her pick at the holiday party or in Jan
April 11 or 25: Cris will announce her pick in Jan or Feb

and then we start round 3. holy shit. 

i sense change in the air [tears up a little].

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