Tuesday, September 13, 2011

same shit, different year: lee cottage antics

Here we go. 

We have a septic system, which means. 

* nothing related to your period can go down the ter-let (i'm sorry, but it's true)
* avoid food scraps down the disposal in the kitchen. especially egg shells, which are not septic safe. 

Septic failure makes us sad. 

We have no recycling service, which means: 
* bring a refillable water bottle. i'll bring a couple of three-gallon jugs. Allegedly we are safe to drink from the tap now, but I don't trust it. 
* we have to carry recycling home
* ps we got a big fridge for the garage, so we could handle 2-liters. on the other hand, we have TONS of soda already. nevermind. 
* plus spritzers, duh!

We are in the middle of nowhere, which means: 
* mosquitoes are hungry for human flesh. bring bug spray, because I need a s'more. 
* once the sun sets, we don't use the front (lakeside) door. It's annoying to use the back (garage-side) door, but it's essential.We won't have Jeni with us this year to fairy about swatting mosquitoes all night.

The forecast looks rain-free, but cooler, which means: 
* we probably won't have good in-water weather. We can still take the boat out. 
* corn hole tournament! 
* hiking 
* there are some antique shops in town if we need a change of scenery
* does anyone have a Wii? bring it! and all the stuff! 
* we need board games. bring your favorites. 

Katie, Loran, and I are preparing a special non-child-bearing-adult concoction. it'll be epic. 

I was looking at the picture frame everyone signed after last year, and I'd like to quote Cris: 
"we ARE staying up until 4AM again next year"

bring your big girl panties!

drug helmets for everyone! 


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