Monday, October 17, 2011

The Devil in the White City

10/17/11  We met at Naked Tchopstix to discuss The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.

Those in attendance (in clock-wise-order):
Melissa (and baby Parker in utero)

Those there in spirit:
Katie, Kitty, Kat (because her water main busted and I think she was at home fixing it by herself!?)
Jeni (not quite sure where our pixie was but we missed ya!)
Loran (and she even read the book!)
Alissa (we were so sad that we didn't get to meet baby Milan tonight!)

Order of Biz:

A Doggy Playdate is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 13th @ 1:30pm @ The BBC Homebase aka Lindsay's House. (Did I mention that I am SOOO glad that some of you ladies are finally having children so that we can start some playdates other than these doggy style ones?)  Huh?

Our next meeting is coming up in 3 short weeks. Stephanie has chosen Moloka'i by Alan Brennert. We will be meeting at Cancun. Check the fb page for more details. Get ready to get your Margarita on ladies!
Lindsay confessed to using "the Secret" to help sway the decision with her energy....and "It Worked!"

The Holiday Party is planned for Dec. 4th @ 4pm @ The BBC Headquarters, even though "if we do it on Saturday we can get drunk!" (says Erin or was it Cris?  I think it was Erin!)  Are we doing an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Again?  My vote is YES, please!

January's book selection by Cris and is Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis.   This is a Graphic Novel.  I must admit, when Cris first said Graphic Novel, I thought she was talking CSI Miami graphic. 
I was wrong. 

Enough with the news, on to the book.

The consensus was that we all liked it.  We learned things we never knew about Chicago, architecture, serial killers, Juicy Fruit, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (which Lindsay currently has a case of at her house), Shredded Wheat, Ferris Wheels, Irvington, The World's Fair, and Frank Lloyd Wright (he was fired).
Wrigley's Juicyfruit Chewing Gum - 40 / Box

Speaking of The World's Fair, here is a quick history lesson on this subject.

  • The first Fair was in 1756 in London.  Kingdom of Great Britain
  • From 1840-1950 they ran about ever year.  Sometimes there would be up to 4 in one year in different countries. 
  • Habsburg MonarchyFranceKingdom of SardiniaKingdom of SardiniaPortugalEmpire of JapanNew South WalesAustria-HungaryRussian EmpireUnited StatesArgentinaSpainItalyGermanyOttoman EmpireFrench IndochinaQing DynastyBrazil
  • They slowed down after that, however they still exist.
  • Next year it will be in S.Korea. South Korea  Any takers?
  • In 2020, Houston & San Francisco both have a bid to host.  United States  Go USA!!
We have decided that 2012 will be the year of the genre.  Suggestions include but are not limited to:
1.  Trashy Romance Novels (Val's top choice!)
2.  Horror
3.  Fantasy
4.  Biography of someone kickass
5.  Self Help (no chicken soup for the soul)

And that's a wrap!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ryan reynolds, rhiance, jello shots, and other bunkbed adventures

Bunkbed adventure happened the weekend of September 17 at Lee Cottage. And it was epic. Here's what happened. This is a long one, so pour yourself a coconut-rum-and-pineapple-juice-with-a-shot-of-pom and settle in.

Lindsay, Loran, and Katie (and Mac!) arrived 5 hours later than expected and displayed fantastic teamwork in an effort to get jello shots -- aka "these bitches" -- into the fridge, stat. As such dinner was delayed a couple of hours, which worked out great because Val and Cris showed up just in time. Yay!

And then. There were cocktails.

And then. "these bitches" were ready. And there were many, many jello shots.

And then. There was Sir Mix A Lot.  And i do mean a lot.

And then we ran out of coconut rum. But we stayed up until after 2AM. Even Katie and Loran! At some point, this happened.

Saturday was be-you-tiful. Speedway Hot, her super adorable prego belly, and Jill arrived and brought the biggest bag of peanut M&Ms you've ever seen. We had lunch. We did nails. We realized this one requires 3 coats.

Then Val and Lindsay made a cocktails & s'mores run and went into the smokiest, smelliest LQ ever. EVER. Also, Val backed into her parking spot at the LQ. Cuz' that's how she rolls.

After we made another 5 batches of Jell-o shots, it was time for actual bookclub. The sun was shining and the air was warm (ish) so we headed out in the boat and floated around in the Lake Webster version of Cocktail Cove for a few hours while we talked about stuff. Also we had to fend off a boatload of undesirables who, I'm pretty sure, thought their dreams were about to come true.  Until we said we were in the middle of book club thankyouverymuch. At which point, "well, we can't read, so it don't matter" left someone's mouth. And it wasn't someone on our boat.

Where was i? yes, bookclub. there were a few orders of business.
1. Membership. We agreed that the age range for BBC is 10 years, spanning ladies born between 1974 and 1984. And we agreed that we're not opposed to eventually adding new members, but we don't want to now. SORRY SUCKAS! just kidding. (not really) The truth is, we're happy. Just as we are.
2. We need to get back on track with picking and announcing books 3 months out. So when it's your turn to host, get yo shiz together and announce your pick early.

And then we talked about Farm City. Some of us liked it. Some of us thought it was okay. I don't remember what else. Except that Cris and Loran peed in the lake. And Loran wore her dress while she peed so that nobody would see her pee baby. The dress may or may not have been from you-know-where. baby gap.

And then, OMG, Val did this to Lindsay's hair.

In case it's not clear, you should know that there was beer the whole time.

And then it got cold and we got hungry. So we went home and made pizzas...on the grill. And it was awesome, of course. We ate Katie's homemade pesto. And tomatoes from Lindsay's garden. And it was all very Farm City. or something.

After dinner we played Taboo. And then the bitches were ready again and we did our girl scout best to take as many shots as possible without throwing up. We even made pregnant SH participate with non-a shots.

S'mores! we made tons of s'mores!

 And then MacDougal got dressed up for a rave and joined us outside. And it was like he was AT a rave.

After s'mores and many, many bitches, Katie taught us the most amazing game. ever. It's called "who's on the floor" and basically you say two names and then discuss who would be in your bed and who would be on the floor. In the end, he is never, ever on the floor. Ever.

And really, neither is he.
Or she.

And this totally wore us out and we had to go to bed. Again, we made it to post 2AM.

Sunday Val and Cris split super early so that Val could go to the Colts game. Prego SH and Jill made delicioso breakfast with eggs from Jill's chickens! And $10 bacon from Fresh Market! They left mid-morning, and then Loran, Lindsay, Katie, and Mac hung out for a while and enjoyed the day before heading home.

And the best part about the whole weekend, after all of the obvious stuff, is that we didn't turn the TV on. Not once.


  • Val hosts in October and the book is The Devil in the White City
  • Steph hosts in November and the book is Moloka'i
  • December is the holiday extravaganza
  • Cris hosts in January and will announce her book in October
  • Alissa is hosting in February and will announce her pick in November
  • Jeni is hosting in March (which is our three-year anniv, btw) and will announce her pick at the holiday party in December  

In other news, there's a new page on the blog where you'll find all of our de-lish foodstuffs.

In still other news, those of you who are not on Pinterest, get there. There's now a pinboard for everything that's important to us. Like Franzia and Eric Northman. I added a(nother) page to the blog where you can follow along.