Wednesday, December 5, 2012

July 2012: BBC - Yeah You Know Me!


Book babes who rock the read
Lil’ Boss drop a rhyme on 'em

BBC, how can I explain it
I'll take you frame by frame it

July we slammed some poetry hits
B is for Badass, B is for Books That Rock Temple

The last C...well...that's not that simple
It’s sort of like another way to call a club awesome
We have no letters that are missin’ here
You get on occasion at the library
As a game 'n it seems I gotta start to explainin'
Read it
KF, LL, ECM, SS, JJ, CL in the house
Readin’ and eatin’ and rappin’ at Chez J Boss and Lil Boss
Read some Atwood, read some Oliver don’t forget Rilke
Heavy are the words of Rich, disturbing those of Simic
It’s not a poem? P to the O to the E to the M
Hell yeah it’s all poetry (Boy, that’s what is scary)
It’s BBC, time for poetry awesomeness get it
Make no mistake there’s room for all lyric

So we rolled out the Mos Def and Wu Tang Clan phat
Who thinks it’s wrong to use Garage band to rap that

Well if you do, that's BBC and you're not down with it
But if you don't, here's your membership

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

Who's down with BBC (Every last homie)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

Who's down with BBC (All the homies)
Break it down!
And the evidence follows that we may have read some Rilke, Rich and Atwood among others and even had some discussion reminiscent of a 200-level poetry class in college  - but the ladies of BBC can indeed break it down.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

July 2012: Guyland by Michael Kimmel

A group of us met at 1001 Food & Drink and had the entire basement to ourselves to gossip about boys (well minus our male waiter who I think was pretty nervous about us).

Overall, the book brought about many topics of discussion including:

1. If there is "A Guy Code," is there "A Girl Code?" or Gal-land if you will?
2. Our thoughts on his view were 50/50. Some seemed pretty typical of men and some were a little extreme. Also seemed he was speaking about a very select type of male (white, fratty, middle-to-upper class).
3. The unfairness that women have to "wait it out" for men to mature when scientifically speaking their biological clock is ticking without having an option to put it on hold.

And because I was bad and 4 months to write this, that is all I remember. Ironically, I DID take notes from the meeting and still have them, however below in black is exactly what I wrote (and the red text next to it are my thoughts about what I think it is referencing):

Bomb ass p (do not totally remember but think it was Erin's choice wording for why girls always win)
Secret diamond (Our first glimpse at the story behind Stephanie's ring! Also, how it would make a killer romance's a diamond....and it's secret!! If you weren't there and don't know the story we may need a repeat performance - you need to know this)
Katie playing ball (I think it was how Katie can shoot some killa hoops - maybe even used to play? Kind of forget, but she's a ballah (shot calla) and that's all that matters)
Weddings (This was the first meeting after Jill & Stephanie's nuptials (not together - they have their own men - although I bet Jill wishes she was a part of the secret diamond love story....a triangle love tryst would be an interesting addition - just sayin! I also remember a heated discussion about bridezillas/overly extravagant weddings)
Bunkbed Olympics (Dude, I don't remember this conversation at all, but WHY didn't it happen?)
Jewelry Cleaner (Lindsay brought jar(s?) of an unidentifiable green substance in a mason jar. What could it be? Family moonshine recipe? Proof how she ate too much asparagus the previous day? Mouthwash to immediately cleanse her pallet a la creepy lady at Aristocrat last month? No, dang it. No, thank God. And just...ew. It was jewelry cleaner so Cris can keep her ring sparkly for the wedding - and I believe some wanted the recipe - and it's probably already pinned to our board because Lindsay is the shiz)

I would write the "business" that was discussed but I mean it's 4 months later so I think you know what happens.....

**Please excuse all brevity and typos, I wrote this at lighting speed so Lindsay wouldn't douse me in the eyes with her homemade jewelry cleaner.

And below is some funny is case the above is crap:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

and pee baby makes three - we're off to Lee Cottage!

Here we go again. You need to know the following vis a vis Lee Cottage and her peculiarities.

Numero Uno: We have a septic system, ergo:
  • nothing related to your period can go down the flusher. sorry.
  • avoid food scraps down the disposal in the kitchen. especially egg shells, which are not septic safe.

 Numero Dos: We have no recycling service, ergo:
  • bring a refillable water bottle. 
  • we have to carry recycling home  

Numero Tres: We are in the middle of nowhere, ergo:
  • mosquitoes are hungry for human flesh. bring bug spray.
  • once the sun sets, we don't use the front (lakeside) door. It's annoying to use the back (garage-side) door, but it's essential. Jeni dosn't want to spend all night swatting mosquitoes.

Numero Quatro: There's a drought, ergo:
  • as of right now, there's a burn ban, which makes s'mores a sad, sad, dream.
  • really the mosquitos aren't too bad.

Numero Cinco: We're going in August, ergo:
  • water sports!
  • sunscreen!


  • Fri dinner: Team lead LL, team member LF
  • Sat breakfast: Team lead JB (this meal will be informal - cereal, the big breakfast for Sunday am...)
  • Sat lunch: Exec decision to hit Subway
  • Sat dinner: Team lead MCF, (grilled pizzas with salad), team members CB, AS
  • Sun breakfast: MM and SS - you two coordinate on who's leading/bringing what
  • Snacks - Team lead ECM, team member VC - also Val it was unilaterally determined you need to bring the brownies again.


  • Erin's bringing mimosa fixings
  • LL, LF and MCF will concoct "those bitches" 
  • MCF will also bring some delicious craft beer (likely Oberon and Sunlight Cream Ale)
  • MCF will bring some sort of wine slush
  • LL will bring stuff for spritzers

  • bath towel
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • alcohol
  • $10 to chip in for boat gas
  • noodles or rafts, if you have/love one

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ender’s Game

May = Sci-fi spectacular!

Alissa, Val, Jeni, Melissa, Cris, Katie, Jill and Erin gathered on May 17, 2012 to discuss giants, buggers, child soldiers, genetics, AND how freakin’ amazing  the cheese curds are at Twenty Tap.

It was decided that though one or two of us couldn't get past the sci-fi weirdness of it, that this book was a winner. Our casual (yet, much focused?) discussion mostly centered on the major themes of the book. Namely: government manipulation, military mentality, the evil side of genius, and of course, interactions with alien species.

The overall consensus was that we all really cared about Ender Wiggin—and also, we’re absolutely terrified of his masochistic sociopath of a brother. Some of us may even read the sequel, but we all can't wait for the movie next summer—especially the battle room scenes! Till then, you can follow the official production blog for updates: 

P.S. Lindsay traveled to Kansas City to visit our long lost (but not forgotten) member Loran. And the Sandman sisters made a virtual visit (via phone pic) during the meeting.

so, all and all, May’s meeting was a great success!

In other news:

Jill’s nuptials are just a few winks away. If the wedding turns out anything like her associated Pinterest board, it’s going to be just gorgeous!

Cris is headed to France for a vacation/wedding, and we can’t wait to see all of the pictures of her touring the countryside while wearing the chicest of berets.

Melissa and Parker are both enjoying Melissa's new work-from-home arrangement immensely!

…and Katie is totally smitten (and I must say the rest of us are as well..."love is the best!")

Coming up:
June: Guyland hosted by Melissa @ 10-01
July: Poetry (and maybe some rap lyrics, I hear?) hosted by Katie. Location TBD in June.
August: Fifty Shades of Grey / Bunk Bed Adventure @ Lee Cottage hosted by Val…and apparently there will be “bitches” there? IDK...
September: Genius Factory, hosted by Jill

Friday, June 1, 2012

over the rainbow - Will Grayson Will Grayson

the epic performance of Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer took place on April 12, 2012, at Flatwater Grill (which was not hot as hell.).

those attending: lindsay, val, erin, melissa, jill, cris, katie, and alissa. 

no engagements, pregnancies or births to report.   

i might be slightly biased, but I'm pretty sure this was our best meeting ever. perhaps it was the thrill of a maybe author appearance. perhaps it was that we all read the book. perhaps we did a good job of clearing up the WG and wg (there are TWO of them) issue early on. Or, maybe -- probably -- it was tiny cooper. 

things we discussed: 
  • Jill's favorite scene was the one with WG and his dad. 
  • maura. EFFING MAURA. poor wg.
  • *emphatic nodding* from Alissa
  • if you were getting in a train to go to chicago to meet someone you met on the internet, what would you wear? 
  • casting Tiny Cooper. 
  • the fact that, per wikipedia, Chris Colfer wrote, directed, and starred in a musical titled Shirley Todd (a spoof on Sweeney Todd) when he was a senior in high school. Tiny Cooper come to life! 
  • other miscellaneous things that garnered responses such as "YES!" and "SERIOUSLY!" and "EFFING MAURA!" and "TINY COOPER!"
And then we took surveys that will inform some HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS of the books we've read to date. Report coming soon. And it includes an upset. 

epic quotes from the book, as culled from around the web. 

in short, we liked it.

what's next? this:

May: Ender's Game, hosted by ECM
June: Guyland, hosted by SH
July: A selection of poems painstakingly curated by MCF
August: The bodice ripper, for which Val will lead the discussion. And there will be bitches.
September:  Genius Factory, hosted by Jill, who's gettin' hitched in JUST A FEW WEEKS!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary! (And Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson)

We gathered (all of us!) at Broad Ripple Brewpub. Beer cheese dip must have been a big motivator. That, and it was our 3rd year anniversary of Badass Book Club! Congratulations, us.

Parker Thomas even joined us. He is very cool. And very small.

Melissa recounted the tale of Parker's birth and we learned a few things:

1. There is an app for giving birth! Melissa downloaded an app to time her contractions.
2. Teamwork is very important because contractions hurt too much to time them on your own (nice work, Eric!)
3. If you go to the hospital and you are only at a 1 and you need to be a 4, you will be sent home to take an Ambien and wait it out until the morning.
4. Do not have your hardwood floors redone when you are 38.5 weeks pregnant.
5. Having a baby is not what it looks like in the movies! There is a lot of pushing in a lot of different positions including pulling your legs toward your head while on your back...

Totally worth it! He's amazeballs.
In other news....

Katie is dating a man who writes risque poetry.

Cris found a wedding dress made of crocheted lace which is different than regular lace. Sounds sexy and lovely all at once.

Jill has been baking away trying out wedding cake flavors for her very own wedding cake she will make. SO ambitious!

Milan learned to roll over. He is 7 months old and adorable! Alissa held Parker who was the only other baby she's ever held besides her own.

Erin is learning to tap dance and we are all invited to her recital on June 23rd. There will be feathered tutus and sparkles. Plan to be there. I'm imaging this and cannot wait:

Stephanie is engaged! (Shoot, Stephanie wasn't there - sorry, scratch the perfect attendance statement) Katie updated us on the big news. We are so excited that Stephanie is back with the love of her life through the power of Facebook. Woohoo!

Then we got down to business.

Next month's book selection is Will Grayson Will Grayson.

We will meet at Flatwater Grill. John Green can't make it but he will answer questions. Be sure to email your questions to Lindsay. There was some confusion about the book. Here are some helpful tips: there are 2 Will Grayons, written by 2 authors, the lower case writing is by the Will who is not friends with Tiny, and it's easier to understand if you listen to the book because of the different voices for each Will.

May's selection is Enders Game by Orson Scott Card.

Genre of SciFi/ YA/Disutopian (new word created by Cris, not to be confused with distopian) genre and we know it's a gonna be good because there is a movie to follow next year. Erin will announce the location next month.

June's read is Guyland by Michael Kimmel.

After this, it gets a little crazy so brace yourself and write in pencil. Save the following dates tentatively...

July 21st: tentative Bunk Bed Adventure! Regardless of the date, we will be reading 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James.
August 18th: another possible date for BBA.

July 19th: we'll meet this day if bunk bed adventure is in August.
August 16th: we'll meet this day if bunk bed adventure is in July. Katie will host.
September 13th: Jill is hosting.

Phew. Then we finally discussed the book.

Overall, we liked it. And for the most part, actually read all 571 pages! We voted and unanimously decided that Steve Jobs was an asshole but he wouldn't have accomplished all that he did without being an asshole. It bothered us that Isaacson inserted himself into the book around half way through. Kinda weird. Also, there was some redundancy which was annoying. Overall, fairly fascinating and worth the read (writes the person who picked the book).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Up next! WG WG

For April, we're reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.

In which two boys, both named Will Grayson, meet. And also, Tiny Cooper.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

just like depeche mode

I can't get enough.

Luckily, I know Jeni will forgive me for creeping in on her selection to selfishly unleash my inner nerd. Again. I'm just so excited for our impending discussion of Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio that I can't help myself. And neither can you.

My bookclub is reading the Jobs bio, and I'm obsessed.

The Hardware!

Apple 1 Computer

Apple 2

Jobs and the infamous LISA computer. And its GUI interface


PowerMac G3 (this is what I used when I first started working after college. Also, I am ancient.)

iMac G3 Bondi Blue

iMac colors
iMac G4
PowerMac G4 Cube

iMac with Intel processor

I have totally run out of steam on this. I did find a website that has it all. Click here to visit.

The videos!

Think Different.

Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

U2 iPod commercial

What is iPad?

The Photos!

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

Jobs and Gates

SJ with his daughter, Lisa Brennen-Jobs


SJ's biological sister, Mona Simpson

SJ's biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali 

Jobs family photo

And finally, OMFG.