Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the year of the genre

2012 is The Year of the (Forgotten/Under-appreciated/Ignored) Genre in Badass land. This means that every month we'll read a book that falls or crosses into a genre we haven't paid much attention to.

So far, we have:

January - graphic novel
February - true crime
March - biography
April - gay fiction

In other news, this post doesn't lend itself to photos, so, in the event you hadn't picked up on it yet, I will intersperse book porn.

And, apparently, book quilt porn. Roll with it. 

For those of you who have not picked your 2012 book yet, here are some genres to explore.

Historical Fiction
Nonfiction/Social Economics
Themed short stories
Themed essays
Children's Lit
Sci Fi

Surely I've missed many-a-genre above. If you have other ideas, please post them in the comments and I'll make updates.

Stacks of Books

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

8 of us met January 9, 2011 at Canal Bistro to discuss Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Present: Melissa, Jill, Jeni, Lindsay, Val, Katie, Cris, and Erin.

Everyone ordered Garlic Feta Fries, and we got down to our most important business:

Jill is ENGAGED! To a wonderful man who enjoys her love for chickens. She had an idea that it might be coming but not that she'd be in her pj's trying to make her bed when he popped the question! Surprise! Her ring is beautiful and too big to wear on her ring finger, but she just can't bear the thought of being without it (and we don't blame her).
Melissa is adorably and fashionably 8 months pregnant, which means that at next month's meeting she'll either be 9 months pregnant and super impatient for baby Parker to get here already OR we'll have the pleasure of a newest addition to the Badass Book Club family!
Lindsay excitedly announced that she will be teaching a quilting class based on her very own design at Crimson Tate. Badass, right?
Katie has found an unfulfilled niche in the big business of weddings and will not only arrange the arrival of your pooch to your big day, but also accompany said pooch (or pooches?) to ensure no misbehavior. Genius.

Jeni worked with her advisor to schedule her classes around book club. Because she's committed.

Badass Book Club is experimenting with the idea of moving from Mondays to Thursdays. This is kind of a big deal, having met on Mondays for almost 3 years now (3 years?!). But, change is good. So we are trialing Thursdays for the next 3 months.

We also discussed various miscellania including: wedding plans (some of us are a bit consumed), Etsy businesses making bank, the perks of Paypal, shirtlessness on Vampire Diaries (how much hotter is Stefan now that he's gone rogue?!), and how everyone should get on Netflix and watch the first season of Downton Abbey (do it!!).

Okay, on to the business of the book:

You'll be excited to know that 2012 is the year of the leftover Genre-- each month, we'll be picking from a list of ones we've never read. For January, we read our first GRAPHIC NOVEL. Picked from a list from the blog A Cup of Jo, and acquired on my trip to NYC, Persepolis made itself right at home on our reading list.

The memoir tells the story of the Iranian cultural revolution starting in 1980 from the perspective of 10 year-old Marji. The illustrations are amazing, the humor is very French, the history and context are so relevant, and the consensus was: we liked it very much.

We especially liked a quote the author gave in an Associated Press interview: "The only thing I hope is that people will read my book and see that this abstract thing, this Axis of Evil, is made up of individuals with lives and hopes."

To get a look inside the book, click here.

Feb 9th In Cold Blood by Capote hosted by Alissa
March 15th Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson hosted by Jeni
April 12th Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan hosted by Lindsay

happy reading.