Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ender’s Game

May = Sci-fi spectacular!

Alissa, Val, Jeni, Melissa, Cris, Katie, Jill and Erin gathered on May 17, 2012 to discuss giants, buggers, child soldiers, genetics, AND how freakin’ amazing  the cheese curds are at Twenty Tap.

It was decided that though one or two of us couldn't get past the sci-fi weirdness of it, that this book was a winner. Our casual (yet, much focused?) discussion mostly centered on the major themes of the book. Namely: government manipulation, military mentality, the evil side of genius, and of course, interactions with alien species.

The overall consensus was that we all really cared about Ender Wiggin—and also, we’re absolutely terrified of his masochistic sociopath of a brother. Some of us may even read the sequel, but we all can't wait for the movie next summer—especially the battle room scenes! Till then, you can follow the official production blog for updates: 

P.S. Lindsay traveled to Kansas City to visit our long lost (but not forgotten) member Loran. And the Sandman sisters made a virtual visit (via phone pic) during the meeting.

so, all and all, May’s meeting was a great success!

In other news:

Jill’s nuptials are just a few winks away. If the wedding turns out anything like her associated Pinterest board, it’s going to be just gorgeous!

Cris is headed to France for a vacation/wedding, and we can’t wait to see all of the pictures of her touring the countryside while wearing the chicest of berets.

Melissa and Parker are both enjoying Melissa's new work-from-home arrangement immensely!

…and Katie is totally smitten (and I must say the rest of us are as well..."love is the best!")

Coming up:
June: Guyland hosted by Melissa @ 10-01
July: Poetry (and maybe some rap lyrics, I hear?) hosted by Katie. Location TBD in June.
August: Fifty Shades of Grey / Bunk Bed Adventure @ Lee Cottage hosted by Val…and apparently there will be “bitches” there? IDK...
September: Genius Factory, hosted by Jill

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