Friday, June 1, 2012

over the rainbow - Will Grayson Will Grayson

the epic performance of Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer took place on April 12, 2012, at Flatwater Grill (which was not hot as hell.).

those attending: lindsay, val, erin, melissa, jill, cris, katie, and alissa. 

no engagements, pregnancies or births to report.   

i might be slightly biased, but I'm pretty sure this was our best meeting ever. perhaps it was the thrill of a maybe author appearance. perhaps it was that we all read the book. perhaps we did a good job of clearing up the WG and wg (there are TWO of them) issue early on. Or, maybe -- probably -- it was tiny cooper. 

things we discussed: 
  • Jill's favorite scene was the one with WG and his dad. 
  • maura. EFFING MAURA. poor wg.
  • *emphatic nodding* from Alissa
  • if you were getting in a train to go to chicago to meet someone you met on the internet, what would you wear? 
  • casting Tiny Cooper. 
  • the fact that, per wikipedia, Chris Colfer wrote, directed, and starred in a musical titled Shirley Todd (a spoof on Sweeney Todd) when he was a senior in high school. Tiny Cooper come to life! 
  • other miscellaneous things that garnered responses such as "YES!" and "SERIOUSLY!" and "EFFING MAURA!" and "TINY COOPER!"
And then we took surveys that will inform some HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS of the books we've read to date. Report coming soon. And it includes an upset. 

epic quotes from the book, as culled from around the web. 

in short, we liked it.

what's next? this:

May: Ender's Game, hosted by ECM
June: Guyland, hosted by SH
July: A selection of poems painstakingly curated by MCF
August: The bodice ripper, for which Val will lead the discussion. And there will be bitches.
September:  Genius Factory, hosted by Jill, who's gettin' hitched in JUST A FEW WEEKS!

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