Saturday, August 11, 2012

and pee baby makes three - we're off to Lee Cottage!

Here we go again. You need to know the following vis a vis Lee Cottage and her peculiarities.

Numero Uno: We have a septic system, ergo:
  • nothing related to your period can go down the flusher. sorry.
  • avoid food scraps down the disposal in the kitchen. especially egg shells, which are not septic safe.

 Numero Dos: We have no recycling service, ergo:
  • bring a refillable water bottle. 
  • we have to carry recycling home  

Numero Tres: We are in the middle of nowhere, ergo:
  • mosquitoes are hungry for human flesh. bring bug spray.
  • once the sun sets, we don't use the front (lakeside) door. It's annoying to use the back (garage-side) door, but it's essential. Jeni dosn't want to spend all night swatting mosquitoes.

Numero Quatro: There's a drought, ergo:
  • as of right now, there's a burn ban, which makes s'mores a sad, sad, dream.
  • really the mosquitos aren't too bad.

Numero Cinco: We're going in August, ergo:
  • water sports!
  • sunscreen!


  • Fri dinner: Team lead LL, team member LF
  • Sat breakfast: Team lead JB (this meal will be informal - cereal, the big breakfast for Sunday am...)
  • Sat lunch: Exec decision to hit Subway
  • Sat dinner: Team lead MCF, (grilled pizzas with salad), team members CB, AS
  • Sun breakfast: MM and SS - you two coordinate on who's leading/bringing what
  • Snacks - Team lead ECM, team member VC - also Val it was unilaterally determined you need to bring the brownies again.


  • Erin's bringing mimosa fixings
  • LL, LF and MCF will concoct "those bitches" 
  • MCF will also bring some delicious craft beer (likely Oberon and Sunlight Cream Ale)
  • MCF will bring some sort of wine slush
  • LL will bring stuff for spritzers

  • bath towel
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • alcohol
  • $10 to chip in for boat gas
  • noodles or rafts, if you have/love one

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