Wednesday, December 5, 2012

July 2012: BBC - Yeah You Know Me!


Book babes who rock the read
Lil’ Boss drop a rhyme on 'em

BBC, how can I explain it
I'll take you frame by frame it

July we slammed some poetry hits
B is for Badass, B is for Books That Rock Temple

The last C...well...that's not that simple
It’s sort of like another way to call a club awesome
We have no letters that are missin’ here
You get on occasion at the library
As a game 'n it seems I gotta start to explainin'
Read it
KF, LL, ECM, SS, JJ, CL in the house
Readin’ and eatin’ and rappin’ at Chez J Boss and Lil Boss
Read some Atwood, read some Oliver don’t forget Rilke
Heavy are the words of Rich, disturbing those of Simic
It’s not a poem? P to the O to the E to the M
Hell yeah it’s all poetry (Boy, that’s what is scary)
It’s BBC, time for poetry awesomeness get it
Make no mistake there’s room for all lyric

So we rolled out the Mos Def and Wu Tang Clan phat
Who thinks it’s wrong to use Garage band to rap that

Well if you do, that's BBC and you're not down with it
But if you don't, here's your membership

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

Who's down with BBC (Every last homie)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

You down with BBC (Yeah you know me)

Who's down with BBC (All the homies)
Break it down!
And the evidence follows that we may have read some Rilke, Rich and Atwood among others and even had some discussion reminiscent of a 200-level poetry class in college  - but the ladies of BBC can indeed break it down.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

July 2012: Guyland by Michael Kimmel

A group of us met at 1001 Food & Drink and had the entire basement to ourselves to gossip about boys (well minus our male waiter who I think was pretty nervous about us).

Overall, the book brought about many topics of discussion including:

1. If there is "A Guy Code," is there "A Girl Code?" or Gal-land if you will?
2. Our thoughts on his view were 50/50. Some seemed pretty typical of men and some were a little extreme. Also seemed he was speaking about a very select type of male (white, fratty, middle-to-upper class).
3. The unfairness that women have to "wait it out" for men to mature when scientifically speaking their biological clock is ticking without having an option to put it on hold.

And because I was bad and 4 months to write this, that is all I remember. Ironically, I DID take notes from the meeting and still have them, however below in black is exactly what I wrote (and the red text next to it are my thoughts about what I think it is referencing):

Bomb ass p (do not totally remember but think it was Erin's choice wording for why girls always win)
Secret diamond (Our first glimpse at the story behind Stephanie's ring! Also, how it would make a killer romance's a diamond....and it's secret!! If you weren't there and don't know the story we may need a repeat performance - you need to know this)
Katie playing ball (I think it was how Katie can shoot some killa hoops - maybe even used to play? Kind of forget, but she's a ballah (shot calla) and that's all that matters)
Weddings (This was the first meeting after Jill & Stephanie's nuptials (not together - they have their own men - although I bet Jill wishes she was a part of the secret diamond love story....a triangle love tryst would be an interesting addition - just sayin! I also remember a heated discussion about bridezillas/overly extravagant weddings)
Bunkbed Olympics (Dude, I don't remember this conversation at all, but WHY didn't it happen?)
Jewelry Cleaner (Lindsay brought jar(s?) of an unidentifiable green substance in a mason jar. What could it be? Family moonshine recipe? Proof how she ate too much asparagus the previous day? Mouthwash to immediately cleanse her pallet a la creepy lady at Aristocrat last month? No, dang it. No, thank God. And just...ew. It was jewelry cleaner so Cris can keep her ring sparkly for the wedding - and I believe some wanted the recipe - and it's probably already pinned to our board because Lindsay is the shiz)

I would write the "business" that was discussed but I mean it's 4 months later so I think you know what happens.....

**Please excuse all brevity and typos, I wrote this at lighting speed so Lindsay wouldn't douse me in the eyes with her homemade jewelry cleaner.

And below is some funny is case the above is crap: