Wednesday, April 24, 2013

rob pattinson and other lake-bottom smells: bunkbed adventure

This was our third trip to Lee Cottage.

Friday Roll Call:
Lindsay, Jeni, Val, Loran, Katie, Cris, and Erin went up Friday. We got vodka.

pearl vodka

And we made These Bitches. Lots and lots of These Bitches. With vodka.

There was boating.

And beer.

And s'mores!

Saturday Roll Call:
The Mamas joined us. Stephanie, Alissa and Speedway Hot.

Val questioned whether she was a good mom because she came up on Friday instead of Saturday. It was unilaterally decided that those of us who are not moms want to be just like Val if/when we are. So, yes. Good mom.

First, there was Zumba with Loran and Katie in the front row. It shall be stated for the record that MCF has got the moves like Jagger. It shall also be stated for the record that this was the most fun zumba class in the history of forever.

Then the Mamas arrived and we had lunch and then sun time...
 sun times

and boat time... we tubed!
jeni & steph

with blue skies
blue skies

and photo-bombing (good one, ECM)
ecm bomb


extremely awkward posing
awkward posing

beer (and wine slush!)

and general fun times.

It was a really beautiful day.
lake time

We demonstrated good teamwork and expertly anchored the boat so that we could watch the Ski-Bees show. The smell of the late-summer lake bottom bits that clung to the anchor, the boat, and several of us is imprinted on our brains forever.

Then we had strictly regulated pizza portions for dinner (and yes, there was a vegetarian option). After which both the "no-photography or recording devices of any kind" rule and the "you must get drunk unless you're pregnant" rule went into effect so that we could discuss Fifty Shades of Grey.

And we did. Notable bits:
* Rule #1: you have to want it
* Rule #2: when you think you have enough, use more

Success as usual and expected.