Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who's allowed to donate?

On September 13, 2012 we met at SoBro Cafe to discuss The Genius Factory by David Plotz.  I believe everyone was in attendance, except Cris who was honeymooning ;)

We discussed questions such as:
  • Do we tell a child his dad isn't really his father?  When? How?
  • What is the donor's role in the family?
  • Are there positivies, or only negatives, to eugenics?
  • Could there be a societal benefit to selective breeding?
  • Is it possible to create genius through breeding?
  • If you are picking your child's father, is there anything wrong with wanting the best DNA?

We also talked about Steph having "the talk" with her boys.....

I also brought wedding and honeymoon pictures to show.

Next up, The Happiness Project

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