Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bunkbed Adventure 2013: Our 50th book happens to be a 50 Shades rip-off

I'll admit, when I picked this book, I did it at the recommendation of a good-ish friend whom I wholeheartedly trusted in regards to book selections.  She loves Harry Potter.  She suffered through the angst of the Twilight Saga, just like the rest of us.  She pulled out her hair while screaming expletives reading Gone Girl.  Alas, she suggested Bared to You, promising that it was both better written and more scandalous than the epic 50 Shades of Gray.

Well, now we all know that 1) I will no longer trust her recommendations and 2) no one can resist reading a trashy sex novel, no matter how poorly written.

We were introduced to rich hunks, naive [also rich] yuppies, and even an occasional bisexual roommate (who somehow also happens to be a total hunk).  We saw crazy sex scenes, almost a three-some, and an obscene amount of fighting between two *really* messed up people.  What we didn't see?  A book club discussion.  We did, however, learn quite a few new terms thanks to 4 hours of playing Cards Against Humanity, in which *I* had to explain to a group of self-respecting women what pixelated bukakke was (in the event that you forgot, do NOT look it up on your work computer!).

Bared to You proved to be "bleh".  But don't fret.  I have something in store for you that will make up for it, ten times over!  While we didn't play a riveting game of "Never Have I Ever" while being told "When you think you have enough lube, just keep going", we did watch an informative video on "how to twerk" followed by a demonstration à la Cris.  While I wasn't able to provide much in the intellectually stimulating book discussion realm, I am able to provide proof that said upside-down twerking did take place (sans candles, catching yourself on fire, and Jimmy Kimmel pulling the wool over our eyes).  Sit back, and enjoy! 


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