Wednesday, September 18, 2013

June 2013: Slums and Dads Saying the Word Scrotum: Experiences We'd All Like to Avoid

We read this book:

We convened at Fire By the Monon to talk about it. And honestly I want to make this a funny blog however this book and India in general have been on my mind lately with all the reporting about the plight women face there, and the latest spate of women being raped in India.  And there's nothing comical about that.

I do think the book content is indicative of the overall response/reaction to the book. It did not get a thumbs up across the board - more a mid-thumb ranking across the group.
Which certainly reflects the somber, affecting nature of the book. I thought as far as discussions go, this was an super-engaged and thoughtful discussion. I didn't choose the book because I thought we'd like the content per se; I chose it to provoke thought. Mission accomplished and the group did not disappoint bringing their A game to the discussion like we always do.

Some of the ground we covered:
- How we would feel if the book was fiction (either deliberately or via a James Frey-esque situation). Cris thought it would still be as affecting, Lindsay said she would feel relieved.
- There were some mixed feelings on the audio version.
- Steph noted that she now feels like she should tell the call center people she reaches in India that she is glad they have a good job.
- Despite the horrible and corrupt world, people still have a desire to procreate, build families and build a life.   The human spirit persists.
- We compared it a bit to Under the Banner of Heaven.

At some point, a gaggle of young girls were seated at a table nearby and I cannot remember what exactly was going on over there (my notes say "adjacent table hijinks"), but we all noted in solidarity that if there was any question as to whether or not we are hip, in comparison to the adjacent table we are not :)  

Other updates:
1. We covered updated meeting dates.
2. BBA soon! Racy erotica on deck.
3. Get on the blog posts, ladies. Irony much?
4. Katie has a new bike!
5. Cris (and Eric) have a new blog!
6. Lindsay experienced having her Dad say the word "scrotum" in her house in relation to a pair of bike shorts given as a birthday gift. All we could really conclude there is having your Dad saying "scrotum" in your house and slums are both experiences we'd all rather not have.

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