Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Happiness Project (also the most narcisstic post evah since it's pretty much all about me)

I read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin on my honeymoon.  In Cabo.  With copious amounts of sun, leisure, and adult beverages.  It was hard NOT to be happy.  When we convened in October (was that the month?) at Cancun, even my favorite burrito del mar and a house margarita couldn’t quite get me back to that paradise state of mind.

I’m sad to admit I don’t remember a lot about this discussion. I didn't take good notes.  I have a terrible memory, and yes, fellow Bad Asses, I let you down by waiting a full year to post.  I know that in general we all appreciated the notion that we should consciously make room for happiness in our lives and even actively seek it out.  I think several of us – myself included – struggled with the fact that the author was a wee bit hard to relate to on a personal level given that she came from a life of privilege (Daughter in Law to former Secretary of State Bob Rubin) and had a nanny, a house-keeper, and did not work a full-time 9-5 outside of the home.   I’ll admit it, I scoffed that of COURSE she has time to think about curating a collection of knick knacks for her office. Me?  I’m just trying to make sure everyone in our house has clean underwear.

The griping and jealousy aside, I really did enjoy the book.  I had never deliberately thought about happiness and what actionable steps I could take to bring more happiness into my own life.  I started making happiness lists.  Things as simple as: “Listen to more music” and “Reconnect with X,Y,Z friends” went on a list that I actively worked.

In the year since reading the happiness project, the responsibilities, challenges, and squeeze on my time have only increased, but fortunately, so too has my awareness of the need to actively seek out things that bring pleasure.  I may be crazed, but I’m happy. 

I hope that my fellow Bad Asses gained similar lasting benefits from reading The Happiness Project.  I can say without hesitation, that belonging to BABC and sharing time, laughs, insights, and good food with this group of amazing ladies is on my happiness list.  Rock on BABC.


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