Thursday, September 19, 2013

twerking, swooping, and the grundle: bunkbed adventure 2013

August 2013 marked our fourth trip to Lee Cottage on Webster Lake in North Webster, IN.

The recap, mostly in photos:

Friday role call:
Lindsay, Loran and Katie/Shuttle A
Erin, Cris, and Val/Shuttle B

Shuttle A headed up Friday mid-morning, and we got there early enough to hit our favorite salad bar and get provisions at the big Martin's grocery in Warsaw. Shuttle B arrived mid-afternoon, and we didn't waste any time before making our customary house "cocktail" of jell-o shots, AKA "these bitches."

Katie is unofficially in charge of concocting a j-shot that's more exciting than our usual mixology method, which goes like this: "What flavor of vodka should we use with the black cherry jello?"  Because Friday just so happened to be my birthday (!), The Katie Special looked like this. Squee!

We got there early enough Friday to enjoy the beautiful weather and the lake for a while.

We made dinner.

And then hilarity ensued with several hours of Cards Against Humanity.

Saturday was gorgeous. Shuttle A went to hoopty Zumba, or as Loran describes it, "advanced choreography class," while Shuttle B embarked on a swim out to the island and back. Round trip it's a half-mile. Badass = legit.

Following Zumba and the channel swim - crown braids and jet skis!

It should be noted that Cris loves to go fast, fast, fast!

Shuttle P arrived around lunchtime bearing 100% of the badass pregnant population. Organized by descending due dates are Jill (october), Jeni (september), and Melissa (august).

Saturday afternoon included more lake time, plus snacking, napping, and preggo paparazzi. Peeing in the lake, too.

While adrift, we discussed July's pick (because we couldn't find a date that worked in July), Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Val led our discussion (and she posted separately about this), so I'll just say that I loved this book and Louis Zamperini's story. Here's a pic of Louis and his brother Pete.

CBS Sunday Morning aired a segment on Louis over Memorial Day Weekend 2012.

Louis lives in New York. He is 96.

We did not discuss Bared to You by Sylvia Day.

A) the book being really, really horrible (that is to say I read it in two days, for which I'm ashamed), and
B) there not really being anything else to say on matters of bodice ripping after last year,

I really wanted to talk about this book for two reasons.

1. The scene where he asks her about the timeline of her bikini wax. Not that there's much to say about this other than, "I know, right?!"

2. This was our fiftieth book.


After boating we meandered back to shore and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

We played with A Beautiful Mess. Nice work, Val.

Our neighbors took this lovely group photo. Sorry you couldn't join us this year, Alissa and Stephanie!

While Erin and I went out for a sunset jetski cruise (which was amazing!), during which Erin had a spectacular wipeout and managed to save both her sunglasses and her crown braid, the rest of the group kicked into hyperspeed and decorated the cottage for a surprise birthday party! for me! And what a surprise it was. I spotted the cupcakes in Katie's provisions Friday, but had no idea that they were part of this beautiful surprise!

Following the pizza party, more cards against humanity. We had to google "swooping" and "the grundle," which added to the hilarity. Chainsaws for hands!

Then came twerking. Given the volume of photos that were taken this weekend, I don't know how it's possible that nobody managed to get a picture of Cris demonstrating a perfect handstand twerk. But it's true. Trust me, it happened. And trust me, it was perfect.

As things started to wind down, a handful of us headed outside to catch the Perseid meteor shower. We crashed our neighbor's lawn from 12-1AM and saw some amazing sights. Not enough to stay up til 2AM, but enough to brave the mosquitoes for an hour.

Sunday began with Katie making amazing frittatas for breakfast while Cris and Val, chaperoned by Erin on jetski, had another swoop to the island and back. These girls swam a mile over the weekend! Did I mention they're badass? Check out Val's badass face.

Since we gathered the weekend of August 10th, 2/3 of the badass pregnant population are postpartum. Meet the second generation of BBC. Welcome, Elliette and Madeline! 

It makes my heart happy that we all look forward to this weekend every yea, and that we wanted to photo-document every moment (aside from that handstand twerk, dammit). I like to think we'll last forever, and that these moments are just points along the way.

For another perspective on and recap of the weekend, please head to Cris' blog. More photos, too!

Next up on our reading list is Labor Day by Joyce Maynard. Stephanie will host in September, and in true badass fashion Madeline and Elliette will attend.


  1. Just got chills...twice. First time was reading that it is our 50th book. Crazy.
    Second time was the last "heart happy" paragraph. I love you girls and agree that I am so happy to be a part of "us!"


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