Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Did It for ECM

4 lovely ladies including Alissa, Jeni, Melissa and Katie ventured out into the not-euphoric weather to dine at Fire by the Monon and discuss Euphoria.  It was the first book of 2016 we read in our chosen category of award winners. Euphoria has a long list of awards to it's credit - I mainly chose it for winning the relatively new Kirkus Prize (after delving into the wormhole of book awards that LL warned me about).

We were a light group on account of newly minted babies, The Crud continuing to wreak havoc on multiple members/family (aka EVERYONE IS SICK), school orientations, and work travel. 

We did some business which included:
-Reviewing that it looks like all months for 2016 are now assigned/claimed, and we are decent on book picks into about midyear. Hit up Facebook for more info. Good job, team. 
-Melissa has offered to host the kid get-together (quippier name and details to be provided at a later time) and suggested a spring timeline so as to take advantage of the great outdoors.  
-Melissa noted that this year is a 7 year. 7 years and 77 books :)
-We talked a bit about some of the upcoming books. MCF said she is liking the book on North Korea and recommends it in audio format. Some talk of NK Netflix documentaries came up. The ones MCF has seen and recommends are: National Geographic: North Korea and Crossing the Line. 
 -The blog came up. Again. Melissa wondered if we created a Mad Libs-like template would we be more compliant. I did this blog as a test to see how long it took since I am a huge offender on the not blogging front. Roughly 10 minutes. Key seems to be not waiting or else I forget. 

We socialized for awhile including talking about:
-Jeni telling us her crazy-o story of returning to the US after her glorious Mexican vacay and being stranded in of all places Detroit and having to run around outside in clothing not suitable for a Detroit winter with a toddler to find a hotel. Third time was the charm on the hotel apparently and the end game there is what we already know: The Bostrom family is a pretty easygoing lot :)  
-Health insurance is a scam especially if you have lady parts 
-Potty training
-What it's like having 1 kid versus 2 and versus 3 
-Relative benefits of C sections and epidurals
-Breast feeding/pumping challenges
-How boy children are different from girl children  
-How after you give birth everything hurts all the time
-Alissa may or may not provide an alternative start time for bookclub to Professor Schwipps in order to depart the house earlier. 

We talked about the book: 
-Most everyone liked it.  Resident anthropologist/Anthro minor Lil' Boss wanted more from it. 
-Most everyone liked Bankson the most, marveled at Nell, and Fen is an ahole.
-Spoiler alert: We dug into how Nell probably really died.  See above: Fen is an ahole. 
-We dug into why Nell married ahole Fen. Possibly to have more credibility as a female anthropologist in a time when that was uncommon by Western standards Then we reflected on how in many of the tribes being studied in the book women were in the positions of power.  See hot stone massages and being high all the time. 
-Lil Boss wondered about all the miscarriages Nell had along with troubles getting pregnant. MCF thinks that along with Mambanyo tribal infanticide horrors was really all pointing to Nell's internal struggle as to what it meant to be who she was, a woman in her field, and could being a gifted anthropologist also coexist with being a Mom etc.   
-MCF had researched the Margaret Mead connection who Nell's character was loosely based on.

All in all interesting, a rich read thematically and something a little different.